Writer, Director, Filmmaker,

Playwright, Production Team, Poet.

Lover of life.

//  Origin: Boston (Now in Atlanta)
//  Genres:  Comedy, Thrillers, Romance, Family, Christian, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
//  Years Active:  2009-Present
//  Company:  JHi Productions
    (Jacqueline is a free agent)
//  Website:  jacquelinehicks.com
About Jacqueline

From an early age, Jacqueline Hicks has written scores of screenplays, full length plays, short stories and poetry. In the past ten years, she has written over two dozen plays and skits that have been performed before mass audiences. 

Inspired by a Hollywood screenwriter and relative, Jacqueline wrote and completed her first official full length film called, “Your Girl…Is Mine: The Beginning” (YGIM), a suspense thriller and the backstory to a screenplay she was working on of the same title. Jacqueline used her own funds to produce YGIM. She hired cast and crew, converted her home into a key set location, directed, produced and even did some fine acting as well. And when you're producing your own projects, there are tons of crew roles you take on as well. 

Jacqueline also transformed the screenplay into a successful nine-part web series (thousands of You Tube and Facebook fans). The film became an Official Selection in the Roxbury International Film Festival.

Jacqueline has been featured on Boston Neighborhood Network (BNN), and on The Empowerment Zone television series several times. Her awards for her screenplay, “Your Girl Is Mine” (suspense thriller) includes Preliminary Finalist in the Creative World Awards, a Round Two Semi-finalist in the Page Awards Contest, and Winner in a Three Lines Or Less Logline Contest.

In 2020, Jacqueline completed a contained thriller called, "Freezer", which is now being reviewed by three major Hollywood production companies. It is also being reviewed by Impact/Netflix.

Jacqueline is the owner of JHi Productions and New Creative Artists, female-owned and Black-owned production companies.


Jacqueline with actress and Director, S. Epatha Merkerson at the Roxbury International Film Festival. 

(Ms. Merkerson also featured a film there.)

crew web_Original.jpg
Antwan 2_Original.jpg
prepping for scene_Original.png

On set.


Jacqueline getting ready to act in an outdoor scene.

Jacqueline 2020.



Lead actor and his double rehearse blocking.


Young boy in his first role as an actor.